About us

Located in Ardèche (South of France) since 1982, Air Creation, a leading French company involved in the design and manufacture of Ultra Light Aircraft, is the world leader in the market for weightshift/flexwing ultralights.

The passion of its founders, Jean-Yves Le Bihan and Gilles Bru (now respectively Director and R & D), has caused a remarkable growth over the years. The company in 2018, has 21 employees and had already produced more than 8,000 aircraft delivered almost anywhere in the world.

The Design Office is equipped with powerful tools of CAD / CAM that has allowed, among other things, to develop a new range of Ultralight weightshit (Trikes) with tricycles such as Tanarg (flagship of the range) or more recently Skypper, with new generations of wings BioniX & NuviX equipped Corset ® system (Patent Air Creation).
The Air Creation reputation is built on simple values of quality and safety. The exceptional performance of Ultralight products constitute an unparalleled track record.

Quality of the After-sales service and excellent technical documentation made available to users (a top level in the World Weightshift Ultralight) have also allowed international recognition of Air Creation.

Today the launch of the online shop (parts and accessories) allows to better inform all users and further improved the quality of services.

See more: www.aircreation.fr